Jup Brown

Jup Brown

Jup Brown is from Wanaka, New Zealand, however has been traveling the world for the past 20 years. In 2010, Jup put on his running shoes and tried Ultra running. After 2 ultras, Jup planned to return to New Zealand and run the length of the country (2937kms- 67 days on the road, 60 days of running, 50kms a day). During this run he helped raise awareness for the NZ Stroke foundation. In 2012, he did the same in Japan (4259kms- 82 out of 97 days on the road) raising money for the Tsunami affected areas.


Now in 2015 he will run across the United States. Starting on January 16 starting at Huntington Beach California and finishing in Washington DC on June 3rd. 112 marathons in 140 days raising awareness and funds for the 100 Mile Club kids program. “ I love the challenge but more so love meeting the people on the road and traveling new places & countries, I would love to meet you out on the road”


Jup's Favorite Sock: Compression WaveRunning Extra light Mini Crew


"I’m out on the road running for hours on my events and keeping my feet in good condition and quick recovery is huge. I love the feel and softness of Point6 Socks. They don't slip down in my shoes and are both cool and warm which helps as I hit a lot of different weather conditions on the roads."

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